Distributors Packages

Welcome!!! Becoming a Kayge representative has never been easier with these easy steps.

Who is a Kayge representative?

1. A Kayge representative is an individual who has the desire to represent the Kayge cosmetics business and to sell its merchandise.

2. Kayge reps must promote the Kayge Cosmetics brand and products independently and must be sincere and honest in recruiting other Kayge reps as team members.

3. Every Kayge representative must be conversant with the sales agreement form.

CLASSES Available:

1. Kayge product knowledge, application & sales: A minimum of 3 hours, open to all distributors and guest. This class covers detailed product knowledge of Kayge Cosmetics. Students will see demonstrations on how to use each product, how to conduct a customer consultation, how to sell products, and have hands-on practice time applying the products.

2. Building your business with Kayge Cosmetics: A 2hour class open to all distributors and guest. This class covers how to conduct customer consultation, basic understanding of the lip skin structure and the colour wheel. You will learn the importance of having the right mindset and attitude, goals, developing a plan of action; and expanding distribution by building teams of Beauty Advisors and/or Un franchise Owners.


1. Making a positive impact: helping other women become more beautiful by creating awareness of beauty as a lifestyle and boosting their confidence.

2. Financial independence: Having the opportunity to sell the products at your own time incorporating great marketing skills and business ideas which sets you on your path financial liberty.

3. Entrepreneurship workshops: The workshops create an opportunity for you to be impacted with knowledge from the best tutors on various related subjects to increase your understanding of the industry and as an entrepreneur.

4. Enjoy the perks of being part of the “Beauty Kayge woman” which consist of a family of young, intelligent and vibrant women. The beauty club would meet to have annual conferences which would have various themes that would stir the event, fulfilled beauty weekend retreats, a good networking channel to meet with the other Kayge reps & make new friends, etc. every fun thing a woman can creatively be part of. The sole aim is to create a platform where as women we develop physically, mentally, and spiritually right.

5. Career enhancement: Sessions will be organized where you receive education and support on several issues from the beauty industry, housekeeping, Women’s health etc.

6. Be your own boss and make your own schedule, work from home, or in person. You are in business by yourself but you are not by yourself (alone) you will be part of the Kayge winning community where anyone can be as successful as they want to be. Empower YOUrself!!!

7. We will provide training, marketing materials and support to aid your success.

8. Earn profits discounts or more from your sales, host a beauty event and earn NGN30K + per beauty event, build a good beauty team of advisors and earn more in profits. The real fun of building a Kayge business, whether you are a make‐up artist, student, or a “mom-preneur” or a business woman looking for the ability to build a sufficient income business is holding your first Lipsmack 101 event, which is a makeup and skin care event to show case Kayge products. Gather a group of friends or co‐workers and hold at least two events a month. From each event you want to book your next workshop, so plan on offering hostess gifts, when you host the event simply read the information about each product and it is very important to demonstrate each product, remember that people love excitement, so if you are monotone your event will be monotone. Create excitement and your event will be a smash

9. Finally learn about the highlights of the products, what makes Kayge Cosmetics great:

Beautiful cosmetic lip line which complements every age, skin tone and skin type.

Perfect formulas for easy application.

Products are enriched with natural ingredients such as jojoba extract, castor oil, grape seed extract, aloe, pomegranate extract, and Vit E for a smooth, flawless finish.

Fully pigmented cosmetics for every day to photo shoots and fashion shows.

Natural oils are blended with a unique polymer that creates extreme lightweight cushion for the Lips.

Highest Quality Ingredients, Hypoallergenic, Parben free, Clinically tested, Non Irritating & Non-comedogenic.

Desirable, Attractive Packaging and Affordable Pricing.

If you are satisfied with the information above and you want to proceed with being part of the Kayge beauty family, we would love to register you and let you know about our terms and conditions. Kindly send us an email, we would enroll you, send you our catalogue and you can start ordering. If you haven’t tried our products and you will want to try them before you place your large order you can kindly buy from any of our official retailers (check our website for the information (www.kaygecosmetics.com) or order by calling +2348093882127 / +2347035691168.

We look forward to having you on our team and we appreciate you for your interest in our Cosmetics. Stay trapped in beauty.

Much love and Lipsticks Xoxo,

The Kayge cosmetics PRO team.


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